Vampire Bait

by: Annie Nicholas


Genre: Paranormal Romance
Themes: Paranormal Romance, Steamy, Vampire
Length: Committed Relationship (300-600 pages)
Series: The Angler 1 / 4

Live bait makes all the difference.

That’s what I was told when the slayers hired me. Vampire bait has short-life expectancy though. I don’t care. I hadn’t anything to live for. The least I could do was help mankind in my self-destructive spiral.

That is until I meet him.

My team suspects the vampire Overlord of Budapest of killing humans. They send me in to do my job and I do it too well. He finds me all right.

And he decides to keep me.

I want to escape, but I’m thrown into middle of the Vampire Nation with a sexy as sin overlord as my guide, and he doesn’t know I’m the enemy. He offers protection, but I soon find out its my heart that's in danger because I’m falling for Rurik, and he's got a secret of his own.