The Ravager Chronicles

by Sara Page


Genre: Sci-Fi Romance
Themes: Sci-Fi Romance, Steamy
Story Elements: HEA
Length: Boxed set
Series: The Ravager Chronicles
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

The fate of the entire universe rests upon the shoulders of one young princess and her four alien mates.

It all starts with a crash and one word - Mine.

On the eve of her eighteenth birthday, Princess Ameia of Terrea broke the one rule her father, the king, expected her to obey above all else - she left the surface and safety of her home planet, setting off a chain reaction of events that puts her life and every other life in the known universe in peril.

"This is a fantastic, scary, smexy world! The author does a great job of making you involved in the characters and their struggles."

"These characters grab hold of your heart and lead you on a journey through space and time and heartache so real. The storyline is a good Sci-Fi plotting, with a twist. The adventure is nonstop and the romance is subtle and then hot!"

"I loved this series and have read and reviewed everyone of them as they were released. Chronicling Ameia's journey from betrayed and naive pampered princess to powerful queen with four protective mates. Each book takes you on adventure more intense than the next."

This box set contains the complete Ravager Chronicles series - Four full-length novels totaling approximately 220,000 words. It includes in order: Princess SOS, The Dark Princes, The Other Side, and Queen of the Ravagers.

Destiny is calling...

Will you answer the call?