The Jekh Collection One

by H. E. Trent

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Genre: Sci-Fi Romance
Themes: Sci-Fi Romance, Steamy
Story Elements:
Length: Boxed set
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Enjoy the first three books in H.E. Trent's near-future science fiction romance series The Jekh Saga, featuring the headstrong McGarry siblings, their adventurous friends, and the alien-human hybrids they love and fight for.

This collection Includes:

Fugitives Murki and Trigrian see a future in Courtney. On a planet where so few women remain, she has the potential to be the mate the lovers need. And more, she could become the advocate for their people that her grandfather didn’t get the chance to be.

They may have been enemies at first sight, but Esteben Beshni and Headron Jiro intimately bond over a common goal: making Erin their mate. Just when they think they’ve made headway with convincing her, the men’s efforts are choked by the reemergence of Erin’s long-missing grandfather and by unsettling revelations about the abductors who created the Jekhan hybrid race.

Lust and affection bloom in close quarters when gutsy Ais shows she’s more than a problem for Owen to solve. His gruffness doesn’t deter her. She soothes his wounded spirit and can actually put a smile on his face, but love on Jekh is never simple. Ais is being hunted by three entities with competing agendas, and they won’t stop until they have her.