Submitting to the Baron

by: Em Brown

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Genre: BDSM, Historical Romance
Themes: BDSM, Historical, Steamy
Length: Short and Sweet (0-60 pages)
Series: Chateau Debauchery 7 / 7

How hard can it be to seduce one’s own wife?

Leopold Spencer is shocked to learn his shy and awkward wife is secretly headed to Chateau Follet, where the most wicked, wanton forms of debauchery take place.

Though he has not touched Trudie in over a year—not since their disastrous wedding night—he is not willing to be made a cuckold. Furious, he heads to Chateau Follet to retrieve her before she is in over her head.

But shortly after arriving, he discovers a unique—and provocative—opportunity to test the fidelity of his wife. Under guise, he decides what he wants to do is seduce his wife.

Commanding her submission, however, is not as easy as he expects…