Shadow Claw Box Set (Volume I)

by Sarah J. Stone


Genre: Paranormal Romance
Themes: Bear, Paranormal Romance, Steamy
Story Elements:
Length: Boxed set
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Books 1-10 of the Shadow Claw Series!

Book 1: Saved by Alpha Bear
Luke was forged in the fury of a massacre. Seizing the mantle of alpha from the tyrant bear shifter responsible for the carnage, he works to rebuild his broken pack. His elders insist he find a mate to calm the animal raging inside him, but Luke doesn’t believe it’s possible.

Cassie has been on the run her entire life. As a special type of bear shifter, her old pack will stop at nothing to find her. The last thing she needs is an alpha digging into the secrets of her past.

One stolen moment is all they needed, but an unexpected pregnancy binds their fates and Luke develops feelings he’s never had. When another pack shows up at his doorstep in search of the one he loves, an impending battle looms.

Will Luke be able to save Cassie and win her over for good, or is it too late?

Book 2: Desired by Alpha Bear
Book 3: Loved by Alpha Wolf
Book 4: The Broken Barrier
Book 5: A Shift in Power
Book 6: Abandoned Witch
Book 7: The Hidden Truth
Book 8: Hunting the Rogues
Book 9: A Bond of Trust
Book 10: Faith in Love