Seducing the Master

by Em Brown


Genre: BDSM, Historical Romance
Themes: BDSM, Historical, Steamy
Story Elements:
Length: Committed Relationship (300-600 pages)
Series: Red Chrysanthemum 3 /


Will she unleash the wicked side of a gentleman?

Few men can resist the beautiful Miss Terrell, but Charles Gallant refuses to have his way with her.

Tempting though it would be, succumbing to Miss Terrell would be a disastrous mistake for Charles. He is standing for Parliament, and his chief supporter in the election is the wealthy and influential Sir Arthur, who wants Miss Terrell for his own.

Terrell cannot quell her scorching desire for Master Gallant, whose deft hand and command of rope bondage inflame her deepest, darkest cravings. She is intent on seducing Master Gallant.

But what price will they both pay if she succeeds…if she devastates his boundaries and unleashes the darker side of his command?

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