by J.H. Somers


Genre: Paranormal Romance
Themes: Paranormal Romance, Steamy
Length: Committed Relationship (300-600 pages)
Series: Dark Mana 1 /
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Will the light of their love be strong enough to push back the darkness, or will evil triumph? Find out in this paranormal romantic adventure.


Melissa has lost all contact with her brother Jared, he left for Europe years ago and she has not been able to reach him. Worried for his welfare and against her families best wishes she decides to track him down.


This is where she meets Daro, a 500 year old necromancer that through magic has kept his sultry looks. She finds him in the underbelly of Paris at a Paranormal orgy. He is not there for the pleasure, he has his own mission to contend with, which is to bring down the Page of Swords and his evil paranormal empire.


Their paths become entangled and they soon find themselves falling for the other during this thrilling mystery and adventure.