Optorio Civil War

by Ruth Anne Scott


Genre: Sci-Fi Romance
Themes: Alien, Sci-Fi Romance
Story Elements: HEA
Length: Boxed set
Series: Optorio Chronicles 1-6 /
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

I was friend and advisor to Bazarok, the former King of Optorio. When he followed his heart and the woman he loved back to Earth, abdicating his throne, he established the Regent Council to rule our world and our people.

But greed and the pursuit of personal power has led to the corruption of our world and the deprivation of our people. Instead of life getting better for all, it has only gotten better for some – and far worse for everybody else.

I considered it my sacred mission to expose the corruption and help bring Optorio back to what it should be. It's a dangerous undertaking. One that could be deadly. It could cost me my life. But with the lives of our people and the soul of our world hanging in the balance, it's something I know I must do.

Some people call me cold. Some call me spoiled. Entitled. A snob. Truthfully, there are a million different words you could use to describe me – and some of them would actually be fitting.

I don't like to believe that I'm anti-social. I preferred to think that I just have a low tolerance of B.S. from people. As a result though, I lived a fairly isolated life. I didn't have a family and didn't have very many friends. Most days, I was fine with it. I didn't need others to make me happy.

But then out of nowhere, two men appeared in my life that turned my entire world upside down. Alone on an alien world, I found myself caught up in a brewing civil war – one that could cost me not only my life, but the life of the man who'd made me believe not just in aliens, but also in my ability to love.

Reluctant would be the best word to describe my rise to the throne of Optorio. I couldn't truly call it a rise so much as an appointment. An appointment I wasn't overly thrilled with.

It's hard for me to see Optorio devolving the way it is. The peace and prosperity that marked our world as the leader in our planetary system was unraveling. The rich got richer while the poor – died in the streets. That's not the way things were supposed to be on my planet.

By my side was an alien woman – a human woman – who made me feel in ways I never had before. Her fire, her spirit, and her intelligence were intoxicating to me. But I feared standing too close to the flames with Optorio on the brink of a civil war.

Could I effectively rule our world, fight the rebels, and keep her safe? Or was I better off alone, not putting the life of the woman I'd come to love in jeopardy?

Book 1 – Homecoming
Book 2 – Caged
Book 3 – Protection
Book 4 – Silver Lining
Book 5 – Rebels
Book 6 – The Future King