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by Tess Oliver


Genre: Paranormal Romance
Themes: Paranormal Romance, Steamy
Length: Romantic Weekend (150-300 pages)
Series: Boys of Wynter 2 / 2
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Book two of Tess Oliver's new 'Must-Read' paranormal romance series Boys of Wynter.

For thousands of years, Boys of Wynter have guarded the mortal world against the wraiths and demons who lurk aimlessly in the desolate shadows outside the underworld. The Boys have a reputation and they didn't earn that unsavory notoriety by being gentlemen.

I was Maximus, the asshole the Wynter Fare had nicknamed Ironheart because I rarely woke up without at least two women naked in my bed. Only now I'd found a woman I couldn't even work up the courage to kiss from fear that it would break my iron heart into a million pieces.

The tough and massive blond warrior had unknowingly captured my full attention. After watching from a distance for months, I finally had him up close and personal, and he stole my breath away. His masculine appeal was irrefutable, but could I trust the man with my family's secret?

Reading order:
1. Stryker
2. Maximus