Lessons in Purrsuasion

by: Anya Nowlan, Rory Dale


Themes: BBW, Lion, Secret Baby, Shifters
Length: Romantic Weekend (150-300 pages)
Series: Chicago Catastrophe 2 / 4
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

An ex-SEAL werelion just seeking peace + a feisty, curvy woman with something to prove + a pregnancy no one could have expected = Suspenseful shifter romance you can't miss!

Stone Calloway thought he left behind his life of violence once he hung up his sniper rifle and settled into an easy routine. But just like this werelion ex-SEAL doesn't know when to relax, the world doesn't know when to leave him be, either. Called in to help an old friend get back his sister, Stone begrudgingly steps back into the world of organized crime, shifters hunting shifters, and everything that comes with it. He would have never guessed that the right woman could make him see all of it differently...

Selina Rozack wanted nothing more than to run her business in peace, but the curvy woman never stood for injustice and that got her in trouble with the wrong people. Or, well... the wrong shifters! The Crimson Claws, a shifter mob organization, is after her, and they're not the only ones. Stuck between two men who both think of her as theirs, Selina has to fight tooth and nail to prove that she's her own woman. The fact that one of the men is impossibly sexy and completely irresistible doesn't help at all. With a surprise pregnancy thrown into the mix, things start looking grimmer by the day... But maybe that's exactly what she needed? A blessing in disguise.

Can Stone show Selina that he's not just another possessive shifter out to claim her, and can she see him as more than an assassin? Or will the Crimson Claws catch up with them both before they can make up their minds, robbing them of their futures and their baby...

Lessons in Purrsuasion is a full novel with a happy ever after ending and no cheating! It can and should be read as a standalone!