Fire Dragon’s Baby

by Scarlett Grove


Genre: Paranormal Romance, Sci-Fi Romance
Themes: Dragon, Mail-Order Bride, New Adult, Paranormal Romance, Sci-Fi Romance, Shifters
Story Elements: HEA
Length: One Night Stand (60-150 pages)
Series: Elemental Dragons 1 / 2
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Thanks to the Draconians, Earth is now a lovely, serene place where everyone's needs are met. But for Celeste, who was orphaned in the Mulgur attack years ago, it's not enough.

She wants a husband and a child, a family she can call her own. Even so, when the mating lottery matches her with one of the barbaric Galatonians -- warlike dragon-shifters with their own planet -- the news is less than welcome.

Fire Prince Salvatt Dorr of Galaton is in desperate need of a mate. With no heir, his territory will be overrun by aggressive unmated males. Celeste is everything he hoped for -- but is she ready for the challenges of life on his planet?

Madness looms over Salvatt as his mating impulse finally takes over. Can Celeste mate with her red-skinned dragon of a man in time to save them both?