Billionaire Bad Boys: Box Set

by Simone Sowood


Genre: Contemporary Romance
Themes: Bad boy, Billionaire, Steamy
Story Elements: HEA, No Cliffhanger
Length: Boxed set
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Four of Simone’s best selling sizzling hot billionaires only 99 cents for a limited time. Relentless, powerful, richer than God and hotter than sin these four alphas are guaranteed to melt your panties and your heart.

Arousal: Fake Girlfriend, Real Arousal. A woman I’ve never seen before just told her father I’m her boyfriend.I walked into the restaurant to grab dinner between important meetings and there she was, red cheeked and fury in her electric blue eyes. I figure I’ll help her out with whatever she has going on with her father, so I kiss her. If she wants to be what’s on my menu, that’s fine by me. As she melts into my arms, the taste of her lips and the fire in her eyes hits me in the gut. She’s mine. This might be a game to her, but I’m playing for real. And trust me when I say I never lose. I’m going to use my vast wealth and power to get her exactly where I want her. Who knows, I might even tell her who I really am.

Desire: I accidentally landed on his lap. Leo is way hotter than I’d anticipated when my boss dressed me up and sent me out to lure him into saving our company. Sure he’s arrogant and rude but the air around us is electric. Unable to resist, I wear the red dress and give him my innocence. It’s just one time but there’s something more between us, something real, I’m sure of it. Until I end up pregnant and he disappears off the face of the earth.

Raw: World's sexiest man. Heir to a fortune. Hates father. Failed protector of loved ones. Seeks new life. I have to escape. So I run. My car breaks down and I end up walking straight into a peach of a bare ass. The luck of ending up in the middle of a boudoir photo shoot. Elsie's bent over, ass in the air and ripe for picking, Insisting she's not the kind of girl who normally does this sort of thing. A thousand things I want to do to her flash through my mind. When I get her up against the wall I know one thing. She's mine. A green eyed beauty who belongs to me. But she's hiding something. And it ruins our future.

Hung: When I decide I want something, I get it. And I want her. Billionaire Lawson Heywood is ruthless and unforgiving with his business. He's earned the right to be arrogant. With his broad shoulders and panty-dropping charm, he can have any woman he wants. He sets his sights on a young artist and gets one taste. A sweet innocent kiss that tempts him for more. But Skye Simmons isn't going to be a notch on his headboard. She's not interested in his sh*t. Lawson has no intention of letting this angel slip through his fingers. He won't stop until he has her against his wall, panting and begging for more.

***All alpha billionaire bad boys are full length steamy novels with no cliffhangers and guaranteed happily ever afters.***