A Prince’s Ransom: Kidnapped by the Billionaire

by: Ella Slade


Genre: Romantic Suspense
Themes: Bad boy, Billionaire, Royalty, Suspense
Length: Committed Relationship (300-600 pages)
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

Katherine Saunders had every intention of enjoying her two-week study abroad trip to the tiny European country of Montavian. With nothing more on her agenda than having a good time, she envisioned sleeping til noon on downy featherbeds every day, and hitting hottest clubs by night. But a chance encounter with the world’s most cocky Crown Prince has derailed those plans, leaving her not only breathless, but wanting far more.

Eric Jean-Francois Devillers III has more important things to think about than a flighty American student intent on seeing the sights, but there’s something about Kat that he can’t get out of his head. No matter how many times he cuts her down with a biting remark—more intent on convincing himself that she’s no Queen than trying to convince her—he can’t stop thinking about the petite spitfire from across the pond.