Teenage romance books about young love have been capturing the hearts of readers for generations. These books are a perfect escape from reality and offer readers a chance to relive the joys and challenges of falling in love for the first time. From classic novels to contemporary young adult fiction, there is a teenage romance book out there for everyone. These books explore themes of first love, heartbreak, friendship, and self-discovery. They take readers on an emotional rollercoaster, making them laugh, cry, and everything in between.

Whether you are a teenager experiencing young love for the first time or an adult reminiscing about your own teenage romance, these books are sure to leave a lasting impression. So grab a cup of tea, curl up on the couch, and get lost in the world of teenage romance books.


teenage romance books - Better Than The Movies by Lynn Painter

1. Better Than The Movies

by Lynn Painter

Liz Buxbaum has been in love with Michael for a long time, but he never noticed her before he left town. Now that he’s back, Liz is determined to catch his attention, even if it means befriending her annoying next-door neighbor, Wes Bennett. Despite Wes’s history of pranking her, he and Michael are becoming friends, making Wes Liz’s ticket to getting close to Michael. However, as Liz and Wes work together to make her prom dreams come true, she begins to realize her feelings for Wes are more than just annoyance. This realization forces her to reexamine her beliefs about love and what it means to have a happy ending.

Better Than the Movies is a sweet and funny love letter to romantic comedies that shows how happily ever afters can help us navigate our toughest moments. I loved watching Liz learn that unexpected plot twists sometimes make the best stories. Perfect for anyone who wishes their life had a film-worthy soundtrack, a quirky wardrobe, and a memorable meet cute.” – Kerry Winfrey, author of Waiting for Tom Hanks

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teenage romance books - The Bad Boy and The Tomboy by Nicole Nwosu

2. The Bad Boy and The Tomboy

by Nicole Nwosu

Macy Anderson, who prefers to be considered one of the boys, is solely focused on her studies, soccer, and obtaining a scholarship. Although she has no interest in romance, Cedric Cahill, the only guy she has ever had a crush on, asks her out on a date. Cedric possesses all the desirable qualities Macy wants in a boyfriend. There’s just one problem… Cedric’s cousin Sam has a reputation as a bad boy and continually shows up in Macy’s life. Despite their platonic relationship, Macy feels an underlying attraction to Sam that she shouldn’t act upon. As their connection intensifies, Macy must choose between risking her friendship and a potential relationship with Sam or staying loyal to her heart. Ultimately, the truth behind Sam’s bad-boy persona alters their dynamic permanently.

“What a journey! I have never read this novel on Wattpad and I’m literarily regretting my life choices. I loved the writing and how the conversation between the characters didn’t feel forced at all. This book has to have one of my favorite characters this year. All the characters were written so well and I could literally imagine being their friends and talking with them because they were so well-developed. One of my favorite parts about this story was that it tackled a lot of different and major topics while making it all work together. Racism, bullying, loss of a loved one, conflicted feelings and having a character that was LGBTQ helped shed light on topics that most people struggle with throughout their lives. Having these topics included made the reader feel more included and connected to the plot. I can’t wait to read more novels by Ms. Nwosu!” – Five Star Review

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teenage romance books - A Pho Love Story by Loan Le

3. A Pho Love Story

by Loan Le

Bao Nguyen sees himself as a solid and dependable person, but not someone who stands out. He has average grades and an unremarkable social status. He works at his parents’ pho restaurant but is not their favorite employee. Linh Mai, on the other hand, considers herself a dynamic and energetic person with a passion for art. She dreams of pursuing a career in that field. However, her parents rely on her to work at the family’s pho restaurant, which is a problem for her. The Mais and the Nguyens have been rivals for years, owning competing pho restaurants. Linh and Bao, who had been avoiding each other, coincidentally meet and feel a strong attraction toward each other. Both of them question why it took so long for them to meet, but they soon remember why they had been avoiding each other in the first place. Despite the complications of their family histories, can they find love?

“It’s a story about finding love where you least expect it and also finding yourself. It’s about complicated family histories and also what it means to be a part of something bigger. I laughed, I was frustrated, and I wanted to eat a lot of pho while reading this smart and sweet book.” – Five Star Review

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teenage romance books - Things I Should Have Known

4. Things I Should Have Known

by Claire LaZebnik

Chloe Mitchell has taken it upon herself to find a boyfriend for her older sister, Ivy, who is on the autism spectrum. Chloe has her eyes set on Ethan Fields, a boy from Ivy’s special needs class who is sweet and loves movies. Although Chloe initially tries to avoid Ethan’s brother, David, she cannot as Ivy and Ethan are not comfortable going out alone. Together, Chloe, Ivy, David, and Ethan form an adorable group that grows closer over frozen yogurt dates and movie nights. Through this experience, Chloe is forced to confront her own romantic choices and learns that being different is perfectly normal.

“This is a novel that will bring tears of joy and sorrow as you live alongside two sisters with very different life patterns. Chloe is a delight to meet – a sensitive soul who cares deeply for her autistic older sister. There is no easy answer, no miracle solutions – just the reality of the poignancy of love, of difference, and how kindness can lead to unexpected paths.” – Five Star Review

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teenage romance books - Today Tonight Tomorrow by Rachel Lynn Solomon

5. Today Tonight Tomorrow

by Rachel Lynn Solomon

On the final day of their senior year, Rowan Roth and Neil McNair, who have been rivals throughout high school, compete in a senior class game called Howl, which takes them all over Seattle. Rowan desires to win against her nemesis Neil, who has always been a thorn in her side, especially during student council elections, gym class pull-up contests, and test scores. Despite her secret ambition to become a romance novelist, Rowan is anxious about the future. However, when Neil is declared valedictorian, Rowan sees this as her last opportunity to beat him. As they play the game, they realize that a group of seniors is after them, forcing them to team up until they are the last ones standing. Rowan gradually discovers that Neil is more than just an awkward linguistics nerd, and he might be the boy of her dreams.

“This was a totally fun enemies-to-lovers tour of Seattle. But what I especially loved about this book is how it perfectly hit on what it is to love the romance genre. As a lifelong fan of the rom-com, I’ve heard just about every argument against and scoff regarding the stories that a fan can hear. It really helps you build character to take all of that in and continue reading those types of books anyway because they make you happy. The way this dynamic was addressed in this story was spot on and perfect. I hope people read it because it was a super fun read, but I hope that naysayers read it and learn something too.” – Five Star Review

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teenage romance books - The Library of Lost Things by Laura Taylor Namey

6. The Library of Lost Things

by Laura Taylor Namey

Darcy Wells is a literary prodigy who has spent most of her life immersed in the worlds of her books, ever since she learned how to read. Her love for books helps her escape the harsh reality of her mother’s hoarding and gives her a sense of normalcy. However, her life takes an unexpected turn when she meets Asher Fleet, a former teenage pilot whose dreams have been shattered. Darcy finds it hard to express her feelings for him, and her love for books seems inadequate in comparison. Despite her reservations, Darcy is drawn to Asher and feels the urge to open up to him. But this would require her to let go of her walls and embrace the messiness of life to attain a fulfilling life.

The Library of Lost Things is a compelling family drama with a literary through line that will delight bibliophiles-a classic lit quote begins every chapter, and Darcy works in a bookstore. Though the romance is appropriately sweet, it’s Darcy’s family dynamics-the war waging within her between love and resentment, the desperation to cling to loyalty while running toward independence-that sets the book apart. Book lovers will find Namey’s story especially compelling because, in Darcy, they’ll find a kindred spirit.” – Booklist

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