Bonus Enemies-to-Lovers Romance Deals!

Keep your friends close and your enemies… Well, you know what they say. 😉 Few tropes capture the heart of romance readers more than enemies-to-lovers. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to this type of romance, these enemies-to-lovers books will sweep you off your feet! 

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  • He’s the one man I cannot fall for and the only man I want. In the world of espionage, we keep our enemies close, but I need to keep Chase Wilder as far away as possible. Because every time we’re alone together, my heart overrules my head, which is one risk I can’t take. And if our jacked-up hearts start calling the shots, someone will get killed.
  • Ryder Saint let me go four years ago, and I never looked back until the day he shows up demanding I come home, and I have no choice but to return when he forces my hand. I’m not that naive little girl anymore, and I’m packing some secrets of my own. I’ll use my time to find out who killed my brother…then I'll destroy them. Even if that man is Ryder himself.
  • Race car star Anders isn't interested in his new royal family, but when Lola shows up to get the bad boy under control, sparks fly. It's a good thing they hate each other, because a romance is forbidden. A scorching-hot, enemies-to-lovers standalone in the multi-million-selling Royals Saga that's perfect for fans and new readers.
  • Rachel Hayden is restless. So when a wild opportunity arises, she takes a leap of faith. Mason Freeman is determined to save his family’s ranch and Rachel’s arrival is a complication. How can he run her off when she's all he's ever wanted? They battle nonstop, yet everything changes when they join forces and Mason is in danger of losing his heart.
  • A hardheaded billionaire, a salty new acquaintance, and an unexpected romance.
  • To save his lands from forfeiture, Bayard Boursier must wed an enemy. But Elianor of Emberly is having none of it. Thus, she sets out to imprison him until the deadline is past. When all goes awry and her wrathful enemy forces her to wed him, she discovers he is either much changed or much maligned. And the real enemy is one lurking in their midst.
  • From historical to contemporary, this enemies to lovers collection will sate your thirst. Joe Casey, a disgraced cop in 1948 LA falls for his sworn enemy’s daughter. Present day Stellan Stark faces a venomous Verity - the woman he left behind 10 yrs ago. Dr. Watson’s daughter finds a way to bridge the gap with Maxen Brigh, despite his secrets.
  • A strange fate begins on the count of ONE… Stuck in a society where the chances of a good life are negligible, Nia's brilliance makes her a constant outcast. She provokes the interest of Victor Kaov, a shady billionaire and the new president of their Eastern European country. Devoid of any empathy, his psyche is driven mad by Nia's beautiful mind.
  • In need of a few laughs, a little action, and a happy ending? Try Solo in the City, a Finalist in the 2022 RWA Maggie Awards. This first book in a new romantic comedy series follows Magda Lane, an unconventional girl raised off the grid trying to make her way in the big city, and J.D. Kelly, a 3rd-generation big city cop. If you like the JD Robb In Death series, order Solo in the City today!
  • Duke’s life is about honour, loyalty, and respect for the business. Nothing else. Yet, one look at Carla across a crowded nightclub, and he breaks his own rules. One night with the seductive woman who calls to him like no other, and he wants to keep her. But his troubled angel is a mafia princess who lives dangerously on the edge.
  • With his vicious club president and her murderous boss to handle, Joker and Daisy concoct the biggest con yet. Pitting two larger-than-life powers against each other is dangerous enough, but setting them up while navigating their uncontrollable desire proves downright deadly. Soon this pair is teetering on the razor-thin edge dividing what they want from what they need.
  • Eilyn was never supposed to be Queen. But when she saves her people by taking the crown, she is thrust face to face with the shadow Prince, Maxos Dredda. He demands her hand in marriage. But marriage is forbidden in her realm. Will Maxos survive her cunning? Will Eilyn overcome his deception? This heart-wrenching tale of star-crossed souls is an enemies to lovers standalone like never before.
  • Eli and Violet have been rivals since childhood - and now that they're working together, there's no denying the spark between them.

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