Caitlin: Thank you everybody for joining us today. Some people are getting logged in still but we’ll go ahead and get started. Welcome to our first Red Feather Romance author chat, my name is Caitlin and I am a content specialist and brand manager for Red Feather Romance.

Caroline: My name is Caroline and I am a content specialist and the brand manager for Freebooksy.

Caitlin: Here with us today, we have Geneva Lee. Thank you so much Geneva for joining us today.

Geneva: Thank you for having me.

Caitlin: Awesome. Well, I want to let the attendees know before we get started that we do have a Q&A feature, so if you have any questions as we’re discussing and talking, feel free to submit those and we’ll go ahead and have some time at the end to go through those questions as well. To get started, I’ll go ahead and give a background on Geneva. Geneva is the New York Times, USA Today and international best-selling author of over 25 novels. Her best-selling Royals Saga has sold over 2 million copies worldwide. When she isn’t writing or reading, you might find her at the bookstore that she owns with her sister Away with Words or hanging out with her family in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Her book Command Me follows American Clara bishop as she navigates the treacherous world of Prince Alexander Cambridge, the heir to England’s throne. Your book was fantastic, Geneva. I know our book club members had a really fun time reading it and really enjoyed it so thank you for letting us host you and your book as our first featured book. Just to get started, could you tell us a little bit about your career as an author and how you got started writing romance?

Geneva: I actually started by writing young adult under a different pen name. I was writing traditionally with New York and my editor kept saying, “We have to take out this kissing scene.” Or, “This kissing scene is too much, he can’t pin her against a wall and kiss her.” I was like, “But all girls want to be pinned against a wall and kissed.” That put the idea in my head to try writing romance. This was 2013 so Indie publishing was just taking off and I thought, “Well this is something I could do on the side.” Then I enjoyed it so much that I just switched focus entirely to romance because it was just really freeing to get to be in charge of everything but also just write whatever came into your head.

I’ve just been there ever since. Every once in a while I think, maybe I’ll go back and do a young adult novel or I’ll go back and do this, and then I just end up sticking with romance. [laughs] I can’t stay away from it. I like the happily ever after, I’m known for cliffhangers so people are like, “What happily ever after?” There’s always going to be one eventually, I just make you go through the wringer first, but I really like that you know everything’s going to turn out okay.

Caitlin: I can agree with that, I think that’s one of the best parts about reading romance, is that you know at the end you’ll get that happily ever after for sure. Could you tell us what inspired you to write a royal romance like Command Me?

Geneva: At the time that I wrote Command Me, it’s been a hot second. Everyone was writing billionaires, the billionaire romance had just taken off and I thought, “Well, what if–” I didn’t want to write just a billionaire romance and I fancy myself like a mental ex-pat, I’m very involved with the UK and Europe. I started thinking about royalty and I think, don’t quote me on this because honestly, I have mom brain half the time, I’m like, “When was that?” I think it was around the time of the royal wedding that I started really thinking about– The first royal wedding. Sorry, let me clarify. There’s now been multiple.

I started really thinking about what it must feel like to be on the other side of that. We all watch it and we watch the wedding and we obsess over the dress. In the States, it’s fun for us. They’re like celebrities to us and it’s a little more sinister in the United Kingdom. When you start to see the headlines over there and how they follow them and I thought, “That must be really difficult.” This is a whole different level of tension and conflict and having to win over someone’s family. [chuckles] Can you imagine that you’re going to meet your boyfriend’s family but also, it’s the king of England? Because in this instance it’s a king.

I just started thinking about how hard it must be to fall in love in that public eye. I started watching a lot of– This is so embarrassing, I started watching all the lifetime movies that they had done, all of those lifetime style movies that they had done about Will and Kate at the time. It was so fascinating to watch that roller coaster of their relationship and I just went from there and created this own mythology around what the royal family had been through in this fictional version of England and how that might affect Alexander, and how he feels about his role and his duty.

Caitlin: Definitely. I remember watching Will and Kate’s wedding and thinking the same thing, how much must go on behind the scenes that you don’t know about and how difficult that could be for sure. I think you portrayed that really well in your book and it definitely added another layer of mystery and intrigue and made it really interesting to read about, for sure.

Geneva: Thank you.

Caitlin: Going off of that, the royal family is in real life rather large and they have a lot of people around them. You did this as well in your book where you had a lot of supporting characters that added to the story and really made the world feel real. Who was your favorite supporting character out of all of them?

Geneva: This is always hard for me because everyone– When you’ve written 12 books in a series, these are real people to you now. [laughs] They’re like my other family, it’s kind of strange. [chuckles] I would say that it’s Edward. Edward is always my favorite character. When he walks into a scene, the things he says, how he is as a friend and a boyfriend and a brother. He’s just like this perfect version that we all want as a best friend. I had a cat named Edward, named after him and we called him Prince Edward, who sadly passed away. It has to be Edward. I would say like Norris is probably a close second because Norris gives the best advice in the whole world. He’s still giving fantastic advice in book 10. He’s got that father figure thing down but it’s Edward.

Caitlin: I was going to say I was torn between Belle and Edward but I like that you said Edward because you could tell that there’s more to his story as well and he was so supportive and so kind to Clara. Belle I thought was fun as well.

Geneva: Belle for me is a main character because in book four, it picks up her story. In my mind, I can’t say she’s supporting because she has her own whole thing. To my mind, Edward’s the perfect supporting character for Clara and Belle and Alexander. He is the one that everyone can turn to, even Smith at one point in book 11. He has to call him up for something. He’s the one that everyone goes to, so I guess that’s why.

Caitlin: Definitely. I could tell as I was reading that there would be more to the story with Belle and that leads into my next question, which was you now have 12 books in the Royal Saga and you’ve explored Belle’s story as well. What keeps you writing in that world and keeps the saga going?

Geneva: I took a break in 2017, I don’t remember. All the before times, before COVID, blur together these days and said, “Okay I’m going to take a break and figure out what I want to write.” At the time, I realized I was in burnout and so when I went to go back to try to start writing something, I was really struggling and one of my friends was like, “You should go back to something you know.” At the very same time that this was happening, so this is how long I was on break, Harry and Megan happened. It was like a whole different layer to that royal thing.

I was just watching it and I made a lot of jokes at the beginning where I was like, “She must have read my book, she’s getting ideas an American with the prince.” I was watching the media and how they portrayed it on both sides and I couldn’t help but because, in a lot of ways, Alexander is more based on Harry than William. He just is very anti-royalty actually, and so I just kept hearing Alexander responding to these things in my head and I was like, “Well, I guess they’re ready to have more books.” I said, “Oh, you never know, I might go back.” The next thing I knew I had another Alexander and Clara trilogy.

I felt like Elle and Smith deserved to get more and now we’re writing a 13th book that I think will be out next year. It was supposed to come out this year, but I’ve been a little crazy busy with my new stuff. It’s just a world that’s so big and so large and there’s so many characters and people keep saying, “When is this character going to get a book? Is Georgia ever going to get a book?” You haven’t even met Georgia if you’ve only read book one. “When is Edward going to get a book?”

I don’t know that everyone will get a book. They have to have a story to tell first, or I have to feel like it’s a story that I want to tell, but it’s such a vivid world. It’s comfortable. It’s like going to visit with friends when you go back to write it. People keep reading them. As long as people keep reading them, I guess I’ll just keep writing them. [laughs]

Caitlin: I think that’s awesome that your readers let you know as well like, “I’d love to hear this person’s story, and I’d love for you to keep this going.” That’s awesome.

Geneva: I think I could write 25 more Alexander and Clara books and people would be like, “Can we have one more?” It’s like, “Oh, my God, how much can I put these people through?” [laughs] because they’ve been through the wringer.

Caitlin: I love that. I love it.

Caroline: If you could adapt Command Me into a movie, who would you cast in the leading roles?

Geneva: Oh, my gosh. This is the big question and hopefully, that actually will be– There’s things happening, but I can’t say anything. I don’t know. I think it’s so hard because who I would have said when I was writing it originally and now, you have to– I think they would have to be people that were probably completely unknown. Now in a dream world where everything aligned perfectly, Alexander would be probably David Gandy who doesn’t even act. [laughter]

Geneva: I’m not sure how that would work, but I’ve seen him do– I’ve seen the commercials. I think he could do fine, but he has that presence. He’s a little old to play Alexander at the beginning of these books now. That’s why it would involve time machines and magic, but in a perfect world, it would be David Gandy. I have never figured out exactly who Clara would be because– Oh my gosh, I’m going to admit this. I hope this recording doesn’t stay up forever. In my mind, I’ve always actually seen her as an American Kate Middleton as I’m writing her. “Who is that person?” “I don’t know.” I would love suggestions because I get this question all the time and for the life of me, they’re too real to me to cast them. Someone else would have to do it.

Geneva: [chuckles]

Caroline: Either way, I can tell it would sell out the theaters instantly. [chuckles] You very recently published a paranormal romance called Filthy Rich Vampires, which first of all, congratulations on this new release.

Geneva: Thank you.

Caroline: What made you decide to write a paranormal romance?

Geneva: Remember when I said that I took a break? [chuckles] At the time, my agent, he was very supportive of this. I was like, “I want to write something fantasy or paranormal.” This was a while back. I really want to bring vampires back because, at the time, vampires were dead. I think we all felt that. After the Twilight thing happened, we still had Vampire Diaries and we had a couple of things, but it was like nobody’s writing them, no one is doing anything with them, and she was like, “Yes, yes, yes, write vampires. Secretly everyone in publishing would actually really like vampires to come back.”

Then I didn’t because of burnout and writer’s block, but I started, and this was 2017, making notes, I have just buckets of notes. Just post-its and notebooks and index cards of random ideas for this. It actually started as a Kindle Vella and it’s still a Kindle Vella. It’s an ongoing series. The book got released and that’s the first 50 episodes. It’s a really long book but it was my chance to finally– I would ask my readers, “Would you want to read vampires?” They’re like, “No, we would like to read more royals.” I was like, “You see, what if they were vampire royals?” [chuckles]

They were like, “Hmm.” I was like, “You know what, I’ll dip my toes into Vella.” It’s actually been amazing because getting to serialize it and write it week by week and getting feedback on it, and having readers fall in love and get invested has been amazing, but I just really wanted to do something with magic again because my roots in YA were this kind of–It’s hard to say magic. It was more science fiction, but this world-building where there was this almost paranormal aspect to it, and so I really wanted to get back into that and do something different and larger than life. How do you top the royal family? Like probably with centuries, thousands of year-old vampires, and so that’s where it came from. It’s been just so much fun. I am completely obsessed with it. That’s my new love and it’s really Julian, the main character, and Alexander vie for my heart and attention in any given day.

Caroline: Now you mentioned that there’s another book coming, which connects to this next question, what can you tell us about what you’re working on next?

Geneva: Oh, my God, what am I not working on? [laughter]

Geneva: Right now, I’m working on– We just wrapped up– Well, I’m wrapping up, it should be done, edits on Filthy Rich Vampire second, which is the second book in that series. I’m already writing book three of that. I obviously really like to write series. [laughs] I guess, for me, if I love characters, I’m not a standalone girl. I want to live in their world and I’m like, “Oh, my God, good, there’s 10 more books.” If I read your book and I love it, I want there to be a dozen more books for me to read.

I’m writing that and then Handle Me, which is the next Royals book. It’s too big of a spoiler for me to tell you what characters it is, so don’t look it up unless you’ve read all the books. It’s unknown characters but they’re very hot and sexy. Then Broken Dynasty, which is the fourth, see, I told you series, in my Dynasties series. I’m working on a lot of series right now and dabbling on some ideas for a fantasy novel because I’d really like to go fully into a whole new world. As you can see, I have a couple things I’m working on already, so who knows how long that will take? [chuckles]

Caroline: Very exciting. Now we talked about your career as an author, but as Caitlin mentioned with your introduction, you also own an independent bookstore. Can you tell us about how Away With Words came to be?

Geneva: Everything goes back to that break. We were walking, my sister and I, who was working as my assistant at the time. We are best friends. She literally lives on an apartment on my property. We call her the sitcom aunt because the front door to our house is always unlocked, which I probably shouldn’t say on a video. She just walks in and I feel like a laugh track or people should applaud or something because she’s like, “Oh, no, you’ll never believe my day.”

We were hanging out one night. We had people in town visiting. We walked by this dark storefront and it was for the used bookstore in town. Something about it, even though there was no signup, I was like, “That store is closing shop. I can just tell.” I looked at her and I was like, “I want that store.” She’s like, “What now?” [laughs] This is how much thought I put into it. I said, “I think we should open a bookstore. We should open a bookstore. This seems like a great idea.”

She tends to go along with my crazy ideas and so she called around and found out that in fact, it was becoming available, and so we sat down and we hatched a plan for Away With Words. We knew going in that– I mean, you walk into a Barnes & Noble, you know that bookstores are struggling. Paperback sales are struggling. That’s why there’s toys and kitchenware and all these other things, and so we’re like, “What is the thing? It can’t just be a bookstore.”

We decided to make it a perfect escape that’s entirely geared towards women, empowering women, and being very, very inclusive, and so we created an entire bath product line because we’re crazy and brought in tea. Every month, we have new things that she brings in. Maybe she brings in kimonos this month and sleep masks and whatever. It is just the place you go in that is perfectly exactly what you want at any given time when you just need to feel recharged or you need a pick-me-up.

You go in and there’s books, and there’s tea and there’s bath bombs and you have a little kids’ area if you have little kids. I always joke that- because she pretty much runs it now. She left me as my assistant. This was the worst idea I’ve ever had actually. [laughs] She now runs that shop and does all the buying and handles our bath product line, but when I go in, because she does all the buying, it’s like walking into a store someone’s created just for you. I’m like, “Oh my gosh.” She’s like, “Yes, I got that for you. Yes, I knew you would want that.” [chuckles] It’s just the most fun place to escape in the entire world and people love it. It just got this great vibe. It’s bright pink. Everything is just very to 11. That’s our just little baby that’s still chugging along and survived the pandemic and everything.

Caitlin: I love that. I feel like I should come visit. That sounds like the most perfect thing.

Geneva: You should probably come visit. I think it’s worth it. If you’re ever in the Seattle area, it’s a ferry ride away and it’s a cute little town. We’re not from here originally. It’s like they’re Viking obsessed because they came over and they were– I don’t know. It’s all Norwegian, but it looks like you’re in– They call it little Norway. It’s really cute and they’re always doing something. It’s a great day trip.

Caitlin: Love it. I love it. I feel it’s such a dream to own a bookstore. That sounds so fun.

Geneva: See, everyone thinks that. [laughter]

Geneva: I love it, but I will also say there was a moment when I went, “Okay. Well, I guess you don’t work for me anymore.” She’s like, “Yes. I’m going to have to do this full-time.” I’m always like the silent partner that gets brought in on things and she comes up. We discuss business every single day. It’s hard. Everyone romanticizes owning a bookstore, so here’s my advice, because I’ve had at least four authors come to me and say, “I think I’m going to open a bookstore. What’s your advice?” You have to have a plan. You have to have something that you’re building a community around books that is more than just the books. That’s what it is. We’re the happy place in town. Books are amazing and we love them and their authors are rockstars and you just feel that when you walk in. If you want to own a bookstore, have a plan. [laughs]

Caitlin: Fair enough. That makes sense. I love that. It does look like we’ve gotten a couple of Q&A questions from our attendees, so I’ll go ahead and dive into those. Let’s see. Ricci asks, “Did you know when you wrote The Royals saga that it was going to be a best-selling series? Could you feel it was a hit or were you surprised?”

Geneva: I’m not the kind of– This is so terrible. Let’s find out about Geneva’s personality now. I’m not the kind of author that would go in being like, “I just want to write this book and I don’t think anyone will read it.” My entire goal in life is to get as many people to forget to go to sleep when they open my books, not because I want to sell lots of books, but because that, to me, is the perfect reading experience. If I open a book and I’m so sucked in that I look up and it’s 6:30 in the morning, yes, please. When I write books, I want to create that experience for everyone.

My husband will tell you that he knew, and I think he did because when I told him my idea, he was like, “Yes, you should write this right now.” But I don’t think I ever expected it to be as popular as it’s been, especially globally, because it’s sold in a lot of countries. Really, honestly, I have more success in other countries than I do in America, probably because Europeans really follow the Royals, right?

Caitlin: Yes.

Geneva: I was surprised and I was shocked when the second book hit the New York Times, like shaking, couldn’t even breathe. I couldn’t believe it, so yes and no. [laughs]

Caitlin: Amazing. I love it. Let’s see. Then we also have one, “What is your favorite part about being a romance writer? What’s your favorite thing about it?”

Geneva: Well, one, I just love that I’m giving readers all of this escape, but honestly, my favorite thing is that my first reader for any book I write is my husband. He’s my target audience. If I can get him to be super excited about something or have him come in and smack me on the ass or grab me, I’m like, “I did that scene right.” [laughs] It’s just really a fun– For me, that’s my favorite thing because it is this–

Sorry. He just came up the stairs. For me, it’s this really interesting dynamic to our relationship. He’s always been a huge reader and he’ll tell you, “I would have never thought to read a romance novel, but now I love them.” He tells guys at all times, “Oh, my God, you should read romance novels. They’re amazing.” [chuckles] To have that dynamic with him where he’s reading it and he’s really invested in the story and has real thoughts on the characters or gets ideas from certain scenes, that’s pretty amazing. You can’t top that.

Caitlin: Awesome. It looks like we got a couple more. An anonymous attendee asks, “What advice do you have for other authors who want to write successful novels like you do?”

Geneva: Well, [chuckles] this could be a book. Actually, I thought about writing this down in a book. Just keep learning. Most people will tell you to just keep writing and that’s really important because obviously, you’re not a writer if you don’t write, whatever, that’s obvious. Keep learning. Read a lot of nonfiction. There’s a lot of authors that have written books on the business side or the writing process, books about how to use tropes effectively or even identify the tropes that you love about writing for your id. Id is like- if you guys remember your psychology class from high school or college, it’s that primal, instinctual little animal inside of you. What is that thing that gets your animal all excited?

We all have those things. When we’re going through the Kindle store or we’re skimming Netflix, we’re like, “Oh my God.” For me, the other day, it was the lesbian vampire show on Netflix. I was like, “Please, sign me up,” things that get you super excited. I have certain tropes that I realized over and over again, like even if I’m reading another series, it’s like, “Oh, my god. Please tell me there’s going to be a secret baby,” because that was one of my tropes.

Learning the things that get you excited will help you- that translate into passion in your book, so how do you write those tropes? How do you write a book that people don’t want to stop reading? Because that’s personally my advice. You want to write a book that people don’t want to stop reading. I heard an author say one time, “Well, people need to be able to close the book and go to bed.” You know my feelings on this already, like, “No. If they can close the book and go to bed, they might not pick it back up,” like it should be be an all-encompassing, all-consuming experience.
Read a lot. Read business books, read in your genre, to read outside of your genre because sometimes, the best ideas are from reading outside your genre and going, “How would this work in the genre I want to write in?” That can bring new life into things that feel like they’ve been done a million times before because that’s how you become a successful writer is to just bring something new to the table, something that’s comfortable enough, but that feels so fresh and so new that people want to learn about your world. That’s my opinion. Other people say other things thought. [chuckles]

Caitlin: I will say as a reader, I agree with you. With those books that keep you up all night, you just can’t stop reading and you have to get to the next chapter, those are always my favorite kind of books, so I would have to say I agree with that. [chuckles]

Geneva: If you aren’t maybe going to fail your finals in college because you stayed up reading every Harry Potter book that was already published at that point, [chuckles] that’s what I want to do with my books.

Caitlin: Absolutely. Well, thank you. That was a great answer. Let’s see. We also have someone who asked. Let’s see. Kali asked, “How do you deal with writer’s block?”

Geneva: I open a bookstore. [laughter]

Geneva: It worked. It’s interesting because there’s like a lot of advice on this and there’s a really great book called The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. It’s really short and it’s almost like thoughts on writing. I think my mom gave it to me. She’s an oil painter. Artists of every- have these periods where they’re just blocked creatively. He’s always like, “There’s no such thing as writer’s block. It’s only resistance, like resistance to getting the work done.”

I feel that every day. Sometimes I know that what I want to do is write, but I’ll put it off because there’s so many other more important things to do, or I’m not sure how a scene is going to play out. It can be that thing, but then there’s also burnout. You have to really know, are you just resisting writing or are you burned out? If you’re burned out, then you need to really refill your creative well, and I highly recommend Becca Syme’s books if you’re a writer. She writes non-fiction. She is a coach that works with your personality strengths, which sounds a little woo woo, but actually, it’s incredibly scientifically based so I love it.

You learn about your personality strengths so that you can learn how to refill your well the best. Once you have that information, you’ll never have writer’s block. That’s not true, but you’ll know when you’re heading to burnout and that writer’s block. You’ll say, like, “I knew I was at that.” I remember saying to my husband a couple of weekends ago, all I’m going to do is consume things this weekend in terms of food, ice cream. No, books and television, and things that like, just give me ideas about everything and just fill me with like the things I love about story so that when I get back into the studio next week, there’s all of this creativity like waiting to get out inside of me.

It’s just really important to recognize that sometimes you’re resisting the work, and sometimes you need to take a pause and refill and go out and have a date with yourself and watch Netflix or wander around and think about what your book’s going to look like on the shelf or whatever it is that you personally need to motivate you.

Caitlin: Definitely. That’s great advice. Thank you. Let’s see. We’ve gotten a lot of good questions in here. Let’s see. Okay. This one’s a good one. Which one of your characters would you say that you relate to the most or that you see yourself in the most?

Geneva: This is always an interesting one. [chuckles] I have a very masculine personality. Even my husband will say that like, I’m very like take charge. [chuckles] I always see myself a little more male characters, which is funny. The character I relate to the most that I’ve ever written in some ways, obviously not in her life circumstances is Adair MacLaine in my Rivals saga, which it’s funny because she’s the character that like if you read the first book, people are like, “I think I hate her,” [laughs] and I’m like, “Well thanks,” [laughs] but then you have to keep reading it because it moves between past and present so you can understand her.

Then you understand her, you’re suddenly like, “Oh, I think I love her,” but she’s a little prickly on the outside. She’s a little harder to get close to. I’m very friendly to everyone obviously, but also like to be genuinely close to me, like I’m very like, “Okay, I don’t about that. I’ve been burned.” [chuckles] I really relate to that sense of like, I want people in my life, but only the right people around me because we all have those traumatizing experiences. It’s definitely Adair, which is why it’s been so funny to hear the kind of backlash against her in the first book. I’m like, “Okay.” [laughs] “It’s fine, it’s fine.”

Caitlin: Awesome. Thank you. Let’s see. If you weren’t an author, what would you be doing? [chuckles] Or is that what you have just always felt that you would be?

Geneva: No. Well, in high school, I really thought I was going to be an actress. Obviously, I really liked storytelling. Actually, wanting to be an actress has been great for becoming a writer because you do think about like you walked into this scene, how would it play out, right? I would probably be a college professor. [laughs] I was working on my PhD before I decided to take a break, which is apparently a trope in my life now that I think about it. I took a break and decided, I just wasn’t really sure that I wanted to go into academia, and I kind of thought I wanted to write creatively more. If I’d stuck the path, I would be teaching 18th-century women’s and gender study-based literature right now.

Caitlin: That’s awesome. That’s really cool.

Geneva: There’s a huge market for that job. [laughs]

Caitlin: Absolutely.

Geneva: Maybe I wouldn’t be teaching but–

Caitlin: [chuckles] Cool. Let me see if we’ve got any other questions on here. Shelby Lynn asks, what is the best advice you have ever been given?

Geneva: Hi, Shelby. [laughs] The best advice I’ve ever been given? I would have to say that I did this pitchfest early in my career. It was this couple that they go around the country, they’ve written a book they’re called the book doctors. They have these pitch contests where one of them was a literary agent and the other one’s a writer and you get a chance to pitch your book for 60 seconds. I went to pitch fest for my first book, which I was writing at the time with my writing partner who’s my friend and I got the chance to pitch and I won the contest and it was for my debut novel, the book that became my debut novel.I remember afterwards, they were like, “Come like talk to us,” but people were lining up and so then people wanted to talk to me. I knew nothing at this point. I didn’t have a finished draft, anything. I remember saying like, “Well, I don’t really know anything.” We ended up all going out to dinner and David said, “Fake it till you make it.” [laughs] I’ve always just like, even in moments, like there’s so many times in your life where you will be put in a situation where you’re like, “I have no experience with this,” especially if you go into a career like writing.

Some of the things that I have done in my writing career or like had to do, I’m just like, I could never have been prepared in my life that my French publisher one year, they like to have a big signing. One of the last years that they did it, they did it at the Palais Royal. I’m butchering the French, sorry. Where they hold the Cannes Film Festival. “Okay, this is going to be cool.” They didn’t tell us that when we arrived for the evening opening thing, that they were going to make us walk the red carpet that they walk for the- stop and take pictures.

Geneva: I’m just like, “What the hell?” [laughs] You’ve got to be able to fake till you make it then because you’re just like, “I have no idea how to do this.” The first time you sit down and have a dinner with an agent, or the first time you meet someone, anything, like sometimes you got to figure it out till you make it. [laughs] I think I still am just faking it till I make it.

Caitlin: No, that’s very good advice. I feel like sometimes you just have to try it and then you’ll learn.

Geneva: Right. Just go into any situation with an open mind and just act like you’re not losing your shit inside. [chuckles]

Caitlin: Awesome. Let’s see. It looks like that’s about the questions that we have. I think we can go ahead and close it out there.

Geneva: Cool.

Caitlin: Thank you so much for joining us.

Geneva: Thank you for having me and for reading the book.

Caitlin: Yes, it was so great.

Geneva: I hope that I don’t cause too many sleepless nights.

Caitlin: [chuckles] I know. Our book club members really enjoyed it and we’re really excited for the opportunity to come watch us chat today. Again, thank you. To our attendees, be on the lookout for an announcement about our July author and our July book and then we’ll have a meeting invite for that as well. Thank you to all of our attendees for coming today and joining us. It was just lovely speaking with you today, Geneva. We really appreciate it.

Geneva: It was great and congrats on the new book club, it’s really fun.

Caitlin: Thank you. I’m sure we’ll get to some more of your books as well because I know our members loved it.

Geneva: That would be awesome. I’ll come back anytime. Have a great day, everybody.

Caitlin: Have a great day, everyone. Thank you.

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