What’s better than two men? Not much—unless you’re up for three!

It’s sexy. It’s dirty. It’s the ultimate female fantasy—two men focused solely on one woman. And not just sexually—these mainstream romances featuring ménage include happily-ever-after endings and lifelong commitments from all parties involved. I wrote a recent article on ménage, inspired by Sabrina Paige’s top 100 release, Double Team. Since then, these saucy romance novels have been popping up all over the Amazon store—and I’m seeing more than just two men at once, especially as we go into the holiday season. What’s better than two men? Not much—unless you’re up for three!

Not only are these books totally naughty, they’re also true romances, fulfilling the romance readers needs in more ways than one. There are surprises galore in these fun-filled novels.

Read on for books to read if you’ve fallen in love with ménage yourself.

Two billionaires are better than one. And that’s not only because they have at least two billion dollars between the two of them—though that is one tangible reason. If they live next door to you—imagine the luck—they may also be a) super hot, b) totally insatiable, and c) looking for one woman to cherish, worship, and love. Jay S. Wilder explores this very idea in her successful recent release, Two Billionaires Next Door. This ménage is a little different than your traditional ménage fare since the two billionaires in question each have a different relationship with the heroine, Mindy, a nurse and their next-door neighbor. One billionaire—Zack—is looking to Mindy for a second chance at love, while the other—the perennial player, Ethan—meets Mindy for the first time and starts to fall in love with her through the course of their group relationship with Zack. Not only does Two Billionaires meet the tropes of traditional romance while providing a spicy triple love story for its readers, this romance also delivers another type of two-for-one deal—the opportunity to fall in love with two different styles of romance at one time.

Madison Faye is an author whose catalog shows an undying, passionate love for ménage romances. It’s looking like her hard work has paid off. Her books, Taken Three Times and Bossed Three Times are both capturing the imaginations of romance fans who desire a little bit more than one hero at a time. Bossed Three Times focuses on—you guessed it—a young woman and her uncontrollable crush on all three of her bosses. According to Faye, it’s an “…over-the-top, slightly unrealistic, and wildly dirty romance” that includes a guaranteed happy ending and no cheating. This fulfills all of the veteran romance reader’s needs—no infidelity, possessive love from the hero(es), and a fully satisfied, happy heroine at the ending. A book like Bossed also allows the romance reader to take a raunchy trip down fantasy lane while still reading a true romance—a key factor in the success of the romantic ménage.

Taken Three Times follows a different story—and the plot is a bit darker. Taken tells the tale of a young woman dragged from her bed in the middle of the night by three gorgeous, tattooed outlaws who are ready to sell her to the “highest bidder.” Doesn’t sound like the start of a sweet romance, does it? Still, Faye makes sure to highlight the absence of cheating and the presence of a happy ending. Despite dark circumstances—and what would qualify in a therapist’s office as possible Stockholm Syndrome for our heroine—the romance reader can still dip into the wild world of the foursome ménage romance while still expecting that everyone is delighted with their choices at the end of the novel.

Since it’s already December, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the holiday ménage romances taking over the Amazon store. Victoria Cabot, a pioneer in the world of MMF bisexual romance, recently released Naughty Vs. Nice. This book explores yet another combination of subgenres in the world of romance—Naughty Vs. Nice provides the reader with both ménage and royal romantic heroes. Both men in Naughty are princes—one a “cocky bad boy” and the other “a strong, silent alpha male.” When the two come together, we as readers see the delicious clash between the two, and we can put ourselves in the role of the heroine, experiencing those flying sparks in real time. What’s more—there’s an underlying Christmas theme, which makes our pleasure seasonal as well!

“An MFMM Christmas ménage Romance.” That’s the subtitle that greets romance readers when they navigate to Four under the Mistletoe. This one is more of a short story, one that is meant to explore the relationship between one man and one woman—and the present the hero gives to the heroine for Christmas—the attentions of his two friends who just happen to be twins. Although this romance only focuses on the relationship between one couple, there’s plenty of ménage activity to enjoy, especially as the holidays approach.

Don’t let the idea of ménage fool you—these are all dyed-in-the-wool romances that provide their readers with the payoff of a heartwarming read. At the same time, romance readers can enjoy something a little spicier than usual. Perfect for warming up by the fire and sipping hot chocolate on a cold winter’s evening… check out these ménages if you’re in search of something a little more.

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