Are you searching for some dark romance books but are struggling to find free options? If you’re yearning to immerse yourself in a romance with passion, intrigue, and darker themes, we’re here to help. At Red Feather Romance, we’re passionate about romance books and helping readers find their next favorite romance for their reading list. Below you’ll find our top tips for finding free dark romance books online!


Search for Free Dark Romance Books on eBook Retailers

While it takes some time, one of the best ways to find dark romance book deals and freebies is to search on your favorite eBook retailer. In this example, we will show you how to find dark romance books for Amazon Kindle but these methods should also apply to other eBook retailers like Apple, Google Play, Nook, and Kobo.

First, head to and click on the ‘Kindle Books’ category which can be found on the left side navigation bar.

How to Find Free Dark Romance Books 1

Next, you will click on ‘Bestsellers & More’ which is found in the top bar as seen below.

How to Find Free Dark Romance Books 2

Once you are in the ‘Bestsellers & More’ section, you’ll want to jump on the ‘Kindle Best Sellers’ button.

How to Find Free Dark Romance Books 3

You’ll then see the top 100 charts for all Kindle eBooks. We still have some work to do to find our Dark Romance Books but we’re getting closer. Next, you will need to click into the ‘romance’ genre which is found on the left of the screen.

How to Find Free Dark Romance Books 5

Once you are in the romance genre, simply click on the ‘Top 100 Free’ section to bring up the most popular free romance books for the day.

How to Find Free Dark Romance Books 6

These books will be the overall top 100 free books for all romance sub-genres. To narrow down our search further, you will want to head over the left sidebar again and filter further. You’ll notice that there is not currently a specific dark romance book genre listed. However, there are some useful genres here that often include dark romance books. Some of our suggestions include romantic suspense, mafia romance, and gothic romance.

How to Find Free Dark Romance Books 7


Book Deal Websites

Book deal websites such as Red Feather Romance and Freebooksy curate lists of free book recommendations tailored to readers’ preferences. While Dark Romance is a fairly broad sub-genre, you can often find Dark Romance books among Romantic Suspense, Erotic Romance, Steamy Contemporary Romance, and even Paranormal Romance genres. Adding these genres to your email newsletter preferences will ensure you’re notified of all the latest dark romance books daily.


Social Media (Booktok, Bookstagram, etc)

Social media serves as an endless source of book recommendations from fellow romance book enthusiasts. TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube all host book communities with creators sharing compelling recommendations, deals, and freebies.

By exploring social media platforms, readers can connect with accounts in the book community aligned with their specific preferences, helping them determine if a particular book is worth their time.

Social media also provides various features to help narrow down your search for dark romance book recommendations. Following hashtags like #bookstagram, #booktok, or #DarkRomance can lead you to valuable suggestions if you’re eager to find some free dark romance book options.


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