You love free romance books, right? Who doesn’t? Here at Red Feather Romance, our passion lies in helping readers find new, discounted, and free romance books. Because of this, we wanted to share some info about a new book event that’s trending on BookTok and Bookstagram – Stuff Your Kindle Day.

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What Is Stuff Your Kindle Day?

If you haven’t come across Stuff Your Kindle Day yet, you’re certainly not alone. This event isn’t an official Amazon promotion, making it a bit elusive to find info about it outside of social media. We’re here to help! Stuff Your Kindle Day is a special sale organized by Romance Bookworms, offering readers the chance to download romance books that are only available for free for a limited time.


When Can You Next ‘Stuff Your Kindle’ with Romance Reads?

The Stuff Your Kindle Day sale takes place four times a year. In 2023, it occurred on March 31st, June 30th, and September 20th. An upcoming event is scheduled for December 27th, 2023. While we don’t have confirmed dates for Stuff Your Kindle Day in 2024 just yet, stay tuned to this space for updates.


Is it Only for Romance Books?

Currently, Stuff Your Kindle Day primarily caters to romance book lovers. Nevertheless, the offerings usually encompass a wide range of sub-genres and tropes that might pique the interest of fans of other genres. Keep in mind that there are emerging sales similar to Stuff Your Kindle Day for those interested in other genres. But we know you’re here for the romance!


Is It Exclusively for Amazon Kindle Users?

Despite its name, Stuff Your Kindle Day is not limited to Amazon Kindle users alone. In fact, it’s more accurately termed “Stuff Your eReader Day” because the free books featured can often be found on platforms such as Apple Books, Kobo, and Google Play. While some books may be exclusive to Amazon, readers using these other platforms don’t miss out on the freebies.


Did You Miss Stuff Your Kindle Day?

While Stuff Your Kindle Day is a fantastic way to discover free romance books, we don’t think it’s fair for you to wait to find your next favorite romance read. From sweet romance to steamy romance to everything in between, Red Feather Romance alerts you to the best romance books at the best prices (including free books every day!). Sign up to receive the free daily newsletter!


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