Bonus Small Town Romance Deals!

Big romance comes in small packages. This month we’re celebrating small town love! If you enjoy books with a small town feel that have a big romance, you’ll swoon over these deals.

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  • Justin isn't looking for a girlfriend, until he finds her on a dark night. After an earth shattering kiss, she disappears. His best kiss is gone. Find out what happens when he learns that his BK is his best friend's kid sister. News flash - she's no longer a kid. Small-town, age-gap, best friend's little sister, contemporary stand-alone romance.
  • One accident. Two men. Almost three years of despair. Four beating hearts growing in pain. Five lives forever changed. Everything fell apart in the blink of an eye. These days my own misery keeps me company. While one man refuses to touch me, the other won’t love me. And I’m crawling through the crippling chaos, barely holding on...
  • Be charmed by the residents of the small beachside town Hedley Bay in this uplifting book about finding yourself, second chances and love that changes you.
  • She'll do anything to save her family business! Gracie struggles to keep the nursing home afloat. Brandt wants to save his mother and his family farm. They both have trouble trusting someone new but if they team up to solve the clues to a local scavenger hunt with a cash prize they might both win. The zany seniors insert their own obstacles.
  • The Machinist's Daughter follows the life of Jesse Thomas as she navigates recovery from the trauma of an unimaginable loss. As she struggles with recovery, a move back to her hometown puts her square in the sights of a stalker who invades her new life. A new man offers her hope that life can begin again and love is not out of reach. A sensual thriller.
  • After Brooke lost her husband, she focused on raising her twins. Now that they're heading off to college, she wants to get back into the dating game. She doesn't know where to start, though. Deacon and Adam agree to give her lessons in finding romance. She just has to remember not to fall for her younger teachers.
  • When Daisy’s life comes crashing down around her, all she can think of is getting away – far away. That’s how she found herself stumbling off a train in England’s picturesque Peak District. Daisy's got a decision to make: Is she brave enough to take a leap of faith and create a bold, new life for herself in the last place she'd ever expected?
  • The doldrums dragged on. Sarah huffed out her frustration in a loud sigh as the dust-encrusted ceiling fan revolved at a snail's pace, as lethargic as those slumping below it. Through the grimy office louvres she watched a young man spring from a taxi. This must be her new boss. Jack. Exuding energy. Bringing love, loyalty and heartache with him.
  • When the smokin’ hot sheriff wants to whisk you away for a romantic weekend, you say yes. That’s a no-brainer for Kate, but her plans are soon derailed by a family crisis. A detour to her hometown unearths her deepest secrets—but will righting her biggest wrong mean losing her new love? “Will sweep you away." -Kelly Harms, WSJ bestselling author
  • A Debonair American Billionaire. A Grumpy Scottish Sheep Farmer. A Swarthy Jacobite Ghost. When Innis Bree finds herself alone in Scotland on her honeymoon after being dumped at the altar, she's flattered when three men vie for her affections. (Never mind that one of them is dead.) Which one should she choose?
  • WANTED: A SITUATION-SHIP. From USA Today and Amazon Charts Bestselling author comes a “fun and flirty!” fake dating situation between two coworkers that quickly straddles the line between friends and lovers.
  • After discovering her fiancé's infidelity, personal trainer Sam tries to move on by diving into the online dating scene. A surprise encounter with Ben, a middle-aged man with a dad bod—and the owner of the coffee shop across from her job—sparks an unexpected connection. In this Cedar Springs romance, opposites attract in a steamy tale of heartbreak, second chances, and unexpected love.
  • When Victoria's life is turned upside down on the eve of her wedding, the sparks that ignite take her on a journey of self-discovery that she never expected. She wasn't looking for answers, but she found them anyway. All with her top law school rival, Santiago, by her side.

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