Romance novels are some of the most addicting books out there. This genre never fails to grab us—hook, line, and sinker. The best of these books can transport readers to new worlds and make you fall in love, and in lust, with unforgettable characters.

Enjoy some of our favorite, most addictive steamy romance novels you won’t be able to put down.

Steamy Romance Novels - Seven Days in June by Tia Williams

1. Seven Days in June

by Tia Williams

When a best-selling erotica author meets an award-winning literary author, people can’t help but talk. What they don’t know is that twenty years ago, Eva Mercy and Shane Hall spent a wild and sexy week together. The chemistry is still there, underscored by the fact that both of them have spent their careers writing giant love letters to each other, becoming famous authors in the process.

Shane has already broken Eva’s heart once. Can she risk the pain again? Will she be able to resist this magnetic force that has connected them since they were teenagers? Being with Shane will certainly be as delicious as she remembers it—maybe even better.

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Steamy Romance Novels - Dating-ish By Penny Reid

2. Dating-ish

by Penny Reid

Totally sick of online dating, Marie Harris decides to try something different. Instead of a man, she hires a professional cuddler, an orgasm coach, and a life coach. Then an acquaintance from her dating past shows up and there goes her world of AI and robot dating.

This classic romance novel from the mind of Penny Reid is guaranteed to leave you with a book hangover in the best way.

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Steamy Romance Novels - Lie with Me By Philippe Besson

3. Lie with Me

by Philippe Besson with translations by Molly Ringwald

In his last year of high school, Philippe carried on a passionate love affair with a classmate named Thomas. They never acknowledged each other in public—their love was private, ardent, and clandestine.

Years later, Philippe encounters a young man who looks just like Thomas, and memories of his first and most life-changing love affair come rushing back. Lie with Me is tender, nostalgic, and bittersweet.

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Steamy Romance Novels - Steal My Magnolia By Karla Sorensen

4. Steal My Magnolia

by Karla Sorensen

Despite his better judgment, Grady Buchanan hired Magnolia MacIntyre. He’s new in town, and with any misstep, Magnolia’s powerful father could ruin his new outdoor adventure business. Plus, she’s overqualified for the job. But Grady just can’t help himself—he has a powerful attraction to Magnolia. Their steamy, slow-burn romance is a classic opposites-really-do-attract story.

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Steamy Romance Novels - Brazilian Surrender By Carmen Falcone

5. Brazilian Surrender

by Carmen Falcone

On her own for the first time in New York City, Camila Duarte starts receiving menacing letters from an anonymous sender. When menace turns to threat, she goes looking for help and finds retired NYPD cop Jaeger Bauer, who prefers to keep work life and personal life separate. In fact, he had no trouble keeping them apart—until he started protecting Camila. Jaeger resists the temptation of pursuing Camila, especially when he realizes that doing so could threaten the mission. But desire can be tamed for only so long…

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Steamy Romance Novels - Empty Nests By Ada Maria Soto

6. Empty Nests

by Ada Maria Soto

James Maron is a young single dad whose life is mediocre, and unremarkable at best. He works an IT job he hates, spends time watching bad telenovelas, and is looking for a new direction in life.

Enter Gabriel Juarez, an uber-successful, ultra-charming CFO for a major tech company. When James arrives to fix some technical issues for Gabe, a friendship between opposites is kindled, and the two men decide to stoke the fire. Empty Nests is a sweet, tender, slow-burn story with low-drama.

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Steamy Romance Novels - Teach Me By Alexandria House

7. Teach Me

by Alexandria House

College professor Nadia Day leads a comfortable, predictable life. She’s told herself that “normal” is as much as she deserves given her past transgressions.

But when Nathan Moore, a dreadlocked former professional football player, glides into her classroom, she wonders if she’s due something much better—surprise, mystery, and total surrender. Nadia rules the classroom while Nathan rules the bedroom, and together the two teach each other to let go and open up. Readers will enjoy the adult awakening storylines and plenty of steamy scenes and some light BDSM.

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Steamy Romance Novels - Inevitable Conclusions By Christina C. Jones

8. Inevitable Conclusions

by Christina C. Jones

Kora and Tariq have been friends their whole lives. They’ve formed a mutual support system throughout years of short-term relationships, unexciting sex, and the inability to commit—but nothing has ever come close to the relationship they have with each other, or the passion. Everyone around sees the romantic connection they have, but Kora and Tariq aren’t ready to risk it all just yet.

The evergreen friends-to-lovers trope will delight dedicated romance genre readers. Plus, readers won’t have to wait for the steamy bits; Inevitable Conclusions opens with a scorcher of a scene.

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Steamy Romance Novels - Delicious Satisfaction By Sabrina Sol

9. Delicious Satisfaction

by Sabrina Sol

Alexa Montoya is the hottest chef in Los Angeles. She has famously good taste in the kitchen, but famously bad taste in men. In fact, her loser of an ex has come swinging back into her life in the form of a lawsuit that could destroy her business and her career. For help, Alexa calls her old friend Dante Perez, a gorgeous attorney who has always been in love with Alexa, albeit secretly. Dante is ready to give her what she deserves in love, and in the bedroom.

Alexa and Dante crackle with irresistible chemistry. Delicious Satisfaction is fast-paced, totally hot romance you won’t be able to put down.

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