These Instagrammers like all things romance whether it’s chatting about the latest romance novel they read, posting memes about reading or simply sharing pictures of the men they nominate to be on the next cover. We’ve collected the top Instagrams to follow if you love steamy romance:



“? Blogger ? Editor ? Publisher ? I let people put ink in my skin ? Model Hoarder ?? I manage shit”
A collection of funny memes, sexy photos, and relevant fashion choices like a bag that says “a psychopath is better than no path.”



“KG, Andrea, Chanté, Jen & Tina? ☕ Coffee ? OBEY Grey ? Readers ? Bloggers ? ”
Fans of Fifty Shades of Grey and other alpha romances, these girls post about the books they’re reading and products they make about those books. They also have a penchant for posting photos of shirtless guys with great abs…if that’s your thing 🙂



“Reviews of books that make my heart race, have a beautiful love story, and a happy ending ❤”
This Instagram, which also operates a blog, keeps you updated on the latest romances with reviews and news. They truly understand the problems readers have including having too many books and not having enough shelves.



“Monica 22. California.”
Monica may just be one person but she reads enough for twenty. Follow along with her as she delves into romance novel after romance novel and stare in awe at her #shelfies.



“Bibliophile ✔ CR: Twisted Palace By Erin Watt ? ♡ I Have Lived A Thousand Lives ♡ ?SC. k-c25 ?”
A good mix of relatable memes and new release teasers, these book lovers are truly creative when it comes to featuring the books they’ve read.



“Brianna ?☕ 22 & college student?”
A fan of both steamy and sweet contemporary, Brianna is constantly reading a book. Her posts are beautiful, eye-catching and have some amazing recommendations. Also, her book-themed Pop Funko collection is to die for.



“Book Nerd & Coffee Lover”
Taylor’s avid coffee drinking makes its way into most of her posts but it’s clear her true love is books of all sorts. While focusing mainly on steamy romance, she occasionally tries a non-romance bestseller. She’s also a big fan of reading outdoors and her landscape posts inspire you to get outside with your next book.



“Hi ?? I’m Lisa Wilson Bookmark Dealer?Teaser Maker? Coffee Addict☕️ ”
While she spends most of her time reading romance books, Lisa’s posts also feature her creative bookmarks. Her Instagram also features shirtless men, relatable romance memes, and teasers for new releases.



“Just a girl who would always always rather be reading”
A fan of the bad boy, this Instagram offers new release giveaways to followers as well as updates about releases. She also keeps her feed filled with hilarious book-themed ecards, memes and Fifty Shades of Grey gifs. Yes, you read that right. Gifs of Christian Grey.



“Short and sweet book reviews”
The Book Bellas, who also run a blog, understand that sometimes there’s nothing you need more in life than wine and a good romance novel. They make sure you’re reading the right ones. The wine is harder to get wrong.



“Bibliophile, 2 furbabies, Cavill obsessed, coffee addict, wino, teaser maker, fluent in Friends quotes.”
Obsessed with romance novels, coffee and wine this Instagrammer shares her latest reads with a hint of humor (Ross from Friends is usually involved). In addition to her humorous posts, she also produces new release teasers and hosts giveaways.



“?Unleash Your Inner Goddess?”
Run by a fan of Fifty Shades of Grey, this Instagram offers giveaways, book recommendations and reviews. There’s also a frequent sharing of shirtless men (we are starting to see a trend…). Bedtime reads focuses heavily on steamy contemporary romance but erotica is also featured.



“Reviews & Book Recommendations w/ graphics.”
Beyond Boyfriend Reviews offers reviews of steamy contemporary romance as well as romantic suspense and dark romance novels. This Instagram also hosts giveaways and often has book recommendations for their followers.



“The only exclusively romance bookstore in the United States. We are the owners, and sisters, Bea and Leah Koch.”
Known for their bookstore claim to fame, these sisters post frequently about their lives that revolve around the world of romance novels. In addition to pictures of new releases, they also share book events they host, offer giveaways and thoroughly document their love of Fabio.

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