Whether he’s a jock or a criminal, you can bet that Nora Flite‘s romance heroes are thoroughly inked (not to mention immeasurably attractive). With tough, independent heroines in dark, chilling circumstances, the boys are just half the fun of Nora Flite books like Billion Dollar Bad Boy, Thousand Yard Bride and Rock Me Deep. If you enjoy hazard-filled tales overflowing with bad boys, check out these books to read if you like Nora Flite.

The Player

Claire Contreras

Release Date: October 10, 2016

Manchester football megastar Warren Silva is back in the states for three weeks for the first time in a long time. He has some family matters to take care of in NY and being away from the game is hard for him. When he meets Camila his priorities change and he’ll do anything to get her. Camila, though, thinks they live in different worlds and tries to keep him at arm’s length. Will he be able to prove her wrong in three weeks?

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Playboy Pilot

Penelope Ward & Vi Keeland

Release Date: September 18, 2016

An impulsive trip has Kendall meeting sexy Carter Clynes in the airport lounge. After a heated conversation, they go their separate ways, not expecting to see each other again. But when fate steps in and Carter is the pilot of her flight, they realize they can’t stay away from one another. But a bevy of flight attendant exes and rumors about Carter’s reputation have Kendall doubting whether this is what she wants.

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Samantha Towle

Release Date: October 1, 2016

After spending eighteen months in prison for a crime she didn’t commit, Daisy Smith is determined to set her life straight. Beginning with getting her little brother out of foster care by proving she can hold a job. Unfortunately, or fortunately, only one job is available, working as a maid at the Matis Estate. One day one of her new job she meets the only son of the owners and her new boss, Kastor Matis. An enigmatic, handsome Greek god of a man, Kas is closed off, cold, and…well, kind of a bastard. The more time Daisy spends around Kas, she starts to see there might be more to him than just his cold, bastard ways. He may actually have a heart beating in that frozen chest of his.

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Teagan Kade

Release Date: September 25, 2016

Chance “Gunner” Adams has set his sights on Sam, his football team’s masseuse. But she’s not interested. She moved to Los Angeles to start over and escape her dark past the last thing she needs is some cocky quarterback trying to get another notch on his bedpost. With her mob history catching up to her, she needs more than a smart mouth; she needs a savior. Can Gunner rise to the occasion?

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Hooking Up

Allison Starwood

Release Date: September 26, 2016

Ethan Hudson might be a professional football player, but he’s no player. When he first sets eyes on the fiery strawberry-blond bombshell, he knows he has to have her. Their connection is immediate, and he’ll do anything to prove that he’s the man for her. But sneaking around with the coach’s daughter is no easy feat, and he’ll have to do more than just score a touchdown to make it last.

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Hit It Deep

Kara Hart

Release Date: September 17, 2016

Hunter Scapoli is wanted by the Luciotti Family. He may be tough as nails, cold-blooded and arrogant as hell but he was no snitch. No matter what the rumors said. Doesn’t matter though because the Luciotti Family believes them and they want him dead. So when he sees Bianca Luciotti he knows he should stay away but he can’t control himself. He nearly goes insane with need before deciding he will do anything to have her. Even die.

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