10 Best Steamy Romance Novels
on Kindle Unlimited

Posted on January 24, 2023 by Kelly

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You finally did it. You stopped putting off the inevitable and subscribed to Kindle Unlimited. Now you have access to over four million eBooks… so where do you start? Well, we know what you’re craving. More steam, please! As romance experts go, we like to think that over here at Red Feather Romance, we’ve got the pulse on the hottest, most sizzling, make-your-toes-curl books. So we wanted to make things easy for you with this list of 10 best oh-so-steamy eBooks available on Kindle Unlimited for your reading pleasure. Want books like this sent straight to your inbox? Sign up here! But for now, clear your schedule, grab your favorite hot drink, and perhaps a fan – because these steamy KU picks are about to turn up the heat 🔥

1. Wolfsgate by Cat Porter

Wolfsgate is a gripping historical romance set in the tumultuous backdrop of Georgian England. The story revolves around Brandon, a brooding, mysterious nobleman with a tormented past, and Justine, a strong-willed young woman who enters his life as part of a family arrangement. Their initial reluctance gives way to a passionate and complex relationship, weaving a tale of love, betrayal, and redemption. 

What Readers Like: Sexy, dark, and suspenseful read that keeps you hooked

2. Obsession Falls by Claire Kingsley

A grumpy loner meets his match in a sunshiney dog lover who’s a little down on her luck. And once he falls, he falls HARD. It’s small-town romantic suspense with humor, endearing characters, and a heartwarming happily ever after.

What Readers Like: A contemporary romance with heat, heart, and all the feels

3. The Deal by Elle Kennedy

The Deal is set in the backdrop of a college campus where the paths of Hannah Wells, a music major with a hidden past, and Garrett Graham, a charming hockey star who is struggling academically, intersect. They strike a deal: she’ll help him pass his class if he helps her attract the attention of her crush, leading to an unexpected and deepening connection.

What Readers Like: Relatable characters, engaging plot, with good chemistry and banter

4. The Broken Protector by Nicole Snow

This big slice of feel-good small-town romance brings enemies-to-lovers fire, hilarious sweetness, heart-thumping suspense, and all the butterflies. Smile yourself silly as one big bossy lunk tries to keep his heart and his secrets from the headstrong new girl destined to make him whole.

What Readers Like: Military romance with a twist. Characters are stubborn, snarky, and spicy

5. Vicious by L.J. Shen

Vicious is a captivating tale of romance, revenge, and redemption, centered around Emilia LeBlanc and Baron “Vicious” Spencer, two characters from vastly different worlds whose paths cross in a complicated web of desire and disdain. However, as they are drawn back together years later, the lines between love and hate blur, revealing the deep, consuming, and complicated love that has always simmered beneath the surface.

What Readers Like: Complex characters, beautiful writing, intense romance

6. Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas

A gripping tale of friendship, identity, and the blurred lines between love and hate. Misha and Ryen have been pen pals since childhood, bonded over the same interests, but have never met. Their connection is tested when Misha stumbles into Ryen’s life in the most unexpected way, only to discover that the girl he thought he knew from her letters is vastly different in person. Set against the backdrop of high school drama and the angst of growing up, their story explores themes of self-discovery, the consequences of wearing masks, and the raw intensity of first love.

What Readers Like: The emotional intensity, flawed characters, and strong writing

7. The Stopover by T L Swan

The Stopover is a sizzling romance that begins with a chance encounter between two strangers on a flight. Jameson Miles, a wealthy media mogul, and Emily Foster, a spirited journalist, find themselves seated next to each other, leading to an unexpected and intense connection that neither can forget after a stopover night filled with passion. When fate brings them back together in a professional setting, the lines between business and pleasure blur, challenging their beliefs about love, power, and the possibility of a shared future.

What Readers Like: Electric chemistry and tension, witty dialogue, and of course, steamy scenes!

8. The Summer We Fell by Elizabeth O’Roark

The Summer We Fell follows Adam and Olivia, two childhood friends whose lives have taken vastly different paths but find themselves reunited one summer at their hometown. As they navigate the complexities of their past and present feelings, they are faced with the challenge of overcoming profound grief and the secrets that have long kept them apart. Set against the backdrop of a picturesque small town, their journey is a testament to the enduring power of love and the possibility of second chances.

What Readers Like: Lyrical writing, genuine narrative, compelling story

9. The Wall of Winnipeg and Me by Mariana Zapata

The story revolves around Vanessa Mazur, who has worked as the assistant to Aiden Graves, a taciturn professional football player known as “The Wall of Winnipeg,” for two years. Desiring to pursue her own dreams, she decides to quit, only to be sought out by Aiden with a surprising proposition: to come back and help him with the biggest challenge of his life, which involves a marriage of convenience. As they navigate this new arrangement, Vanessa and Aiden’s relationship evolves in unexpected ways, revealing the depth of their feelings for each other.

What Readers Like: Slow-burn romance, moments of humor and warmth, incredibly satisfying emotional payoff

10. The Wild Heir by Karina Halle

The Wild Heir is a royal romance that takes readers on a ride through the life of Magnus, the crown prince of Norway, known for his playboy ways and scandalous behavior. When a public relations disaster threatens the monarchy, Magnus is forced into a marriage of convenience with Ella, a Duke’s daughter, who is as sensible and compassionate as she is beautiful. What starts as a strategic arrangement to save the monarchy slowly blossoms into a deep, complex love story filled with passion, humor, and the struggle for personal growth and mutual understanding.

What Readers Like: Well-developed characters, rich storytelling, and thrilling romance

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