By Heather Hildenbrand

The idea of “O Face” as a story concept started out as a joke.

Why, you ask?

Have you ever watched someone try to show you their O face while both parties were NOT in the middle of a real orgasm? It’s not cute.

In the book, ex-ladies’ man, Liam Porter, is drawn to Cassie Franklin, also known as the town’s “ice princess.” He’s never seen her smile or laugh. Her expression, along with her personality, is cold and frozen. Hence, the challenge is born inside him. He wants nothing more than to see her open up to him. Most of all, he wants to see her O face.

In fiction, that’s hot. (Trust me. This book sizzles.)

But in reality? Someone’s O face is sort of a hilarious thing to think about let alone talk about. Sure, it’s the sort of thing a guy would say he loves to see from a girl he wants, but REALLY COME ON, THIS IS NOT A CUTE THING unless you’re just really turned on already.

If you’re not, well, then it’s just awkward.

My new book, O Face, is hot as hell but funny and awkward just like the idea behind this title. It has a #MeetCute that will make you crack up and fall in love with both characters immediately. It’s also unlike anything I’ve ever written, so please let me know what you think when you’re done!

Except you, Mom. Don’t ever read this. Or look at the cover.

If you are NOT my mother, you can check out O Face at the following stores:





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