If you’re a romance junkie like me and constantly scour the top 100 charts on Amazon, you might have noticed something odd in the last year. Billionaires seemed to go out of style for the year of 2016. Delightfully, the self-published romance world saw a rise in romances featuring everyday heroes—firemen, cowboys, military men, and even sexy pastry chefs. But billionaires weren’t gracing the tops of the charts for a while. I can’t say exactly why—but trends come and go. The good ones, however, always return.

I’m happy to report that billionaires have made a hot, filthy, and dominant comeback in 2017. Why? Well, folks, it’s pretty clear that we humans love the idea of limitless money, power, and potential. However, most real billionaires aren’t under the age of fifty, nor do they have twelve-pack abs and perfect hair. Romance billionaires have all of that and the ability to deliver multiple orgasms. Do I need to answer any more questions about why romance readers like this kind of fictional billionaire hero? No, really, I don’t. If you have questions, just reread the above paragraph… or just the phrases, “limitless money,” “perfect hair,” and “multiple orgasms.”

It all started with Christian Grey, didn’t it? The impossibly young billionaire with a dark past and a room full of sex equipment… what’s not to love? I admit to not totally loving Fifty Shades myself, but what Christian Grey and E. L. James did give to the world was books that are even better than her seminal billionaire work. Billionaire romances by the self-published romance authors of the world offer wild, exciting plots, feisty heroines, shy virgins, auctions, single daddies, ex-military drama, and workplace romances. There’s so much more to billionaire romance than Christian Grey—and we authors must be starting to realize it all over again.

This spring, dive back into billionaires with some of the best books I’ve read recently. You’ll notice that most of these steamy reads feature billionaires who are more dominant, less romantic, and skilled at getting what they want. And they’re very explicitly falling in love with the young maidens in their lives. By maidens, I mean virgins. And these virgin heroines certainly don’t retain that status at the ends of their romantic journeys. There are plenty of happy endings to go around, and more than your fair share of romance. But authors are pushing the envelope on fabulously wealthy men and their innocent, nubile paramours. You won’t find uncomplicated men here—they’ve got an agenda. And, this season, that agenda revolves around deflowering.

In Discovered, C. A. Quigg paints the portrait of the seemingly evil billionaire, Callum Talbot, who destroyed a young woman’s family with his scheming. Aubree—the young woman in question—wants to bring Callum down. In her desire to topple his empire, she gets to know the man himself, and her desire begins to shift. Their story focuses on the journey from hate to love, from distrust to absolute submission. Pick it up today if you’re looking for a little bit of darkness to go along with your romance. You won’t be disappointed.

Dr. Billionaire’s Virgin by Melinda Minx puts a very unusual spin on the traditional billionaire and young lady romance. Rose has long been a patient of this ruggedly handsome billionaire doctor—but she’s been in a coma the entire time. When he finally resorts to kissing her in a last-ditch effort to wake her up, she’s focused entirely on him. And what she wants is a different kind of cure—one that takes care of her “terminal virginity.” Don’t worry—this isn’t just a sexy romp, though there’s plenty of that too. These two were fated to be together, and there are happy endings all around. And an excellent cure, as well.

B.B. Hamel has been hard at work again, combining the virgin and billionaire story with the ever popular and wildly sexy “daddy” story line. When Gavin finds out that beautiful, young Sadie is a virgin, he must have her at any price. And when he finally gets her, he’ll do anything he has to to keep her… and make her truly his. Check out Virgin’s Daddy for the rest of the tale.

In Bossy, Jess Bentley re-examines the classic tale of a young woman and her billionaire boss. When they’re thrown together by circumstance, they both make the best of a difficult situation and end up in an arranged marriage. In the end, the relationship they build will save them both. This is a classic workplace romance with a sexy twist!

Whether you’re after romance or a story that pushes boundaries, the recent rise in billionaire and virgin stories will deliver on both fronts. These romances are classics—powerful older men, like kings or gods, take on the fair maidens in their lives, changing them for good. Fair warning—there’s a little bit of dominance, a whole lot of sex, and a little loss of innocence to boot. It’s a perfect storm—and fantastic for a weekend read in the spring!

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  1. Morilyn Carter says:

    I certainly have noticed their insurgence – and it’s one trope that I just can’t get into! Some are so fanciful, I often think it would be more worthwhile to go back to genuine Fantasy books! Thank goodness there are just so many other choices!

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