It’s officially spring. That’s right—it crept up on us. It especially crept up on me since I have a three month old, and most of the winter was a blur. I haven’t had the time to sit down with a cup of tea and a good romance novel in a while. Now that I’ve got a spare moment here and there, I’ve got a decadent, delicious list of novels I’m planning to read in my hammock over the next few weekends. Bad boys always make the top of the charts for me, but I’m trying to expand my horizons. I figured I’d share my list with my Red Feather readers in case you’ve got a spare moment and a hammock (or somewhere inside if you have allergies).

Arousal not only has a smoking hot cover, a fabulous author, and a titillating title—it’s also got a hell of a plot. I’m a sucker for couples that are thrown together—especially when their relationship is initially a sham. Simone Sowood’s new book has all of those things, and it looks absolutely delightful. The heroine, Darcy, has a bone to pick with her overbearing father. At a family outing, she grabs the first guy she sees and lets everyone know that he’s her new boyfriend. Lucky for her, it appears he’s totally game, and he’ll do anything in his power to truly make her his. The opening scene also takes place at a restaurant called Fat Kok. Sold.

You like Sabrina Paige’s stepbrother books? I’m kidding. I know you do. They’re utter perfection. Prince Albert was the royal stepbrother we all wish we had—and of course, he had a bad girl sister. Alexandra deserved her own story, and damn, it looks hot. Her Bodyguard is that story, and I’m all in. Alexandra’s wild, she’s ridiculous, and she’s the exact opposite of her bodyguard. He’s not the bad boy type. He’s more of the stern, no-nonsense, what-the-hell-is-this-princess-doing type. It sounds like his rigid personality absolutely drives her crazy, and that’s the perfect opportunity for something else rigid to arise. Pun intended. I couldn’t help myself.

Billionaires are on the rise again (har har, okay I’ll stop with the puns), and I couldn’t be more delighted. Penelope Bloom has a brand new release with a teaser that couldn’t possibly be sexier. 1. The heroine is a romance author who is also a… virgin. 2. Brianne, our authoress, gets rejected by a billionaire publisher. 3. She tricks him into bidding on her on a BDSM website. Sparks fly. Romance ensues. Dark. Sexy. Wrong. Delicious. I love everything about that premise. That’s why I’m planning on picking up The Dom’s Virgin while I’m away this weekend. (And why I’m hoping my mom doesn’t scope out my Kindle when I see her.)

I said I was branching out from bad boys, and I am. I mean—I’m branching out from mafia bad boys and hitmen. How about a recovering drug addict rockstar who needs a girlfriend, and fast? That’s what Roxie Noir is serving up in Never Enough. The hero, Gavin, desperately needs to reform his image. That’s where Marisol comes in—she’s the one who’s going to help him do just that. It’s a relationship of convenience, purely for show. But Gavin apparently can’t get enough of Marisol and her curves. And I’m looking forward to finding out exactly what she thinks about him…

Enjoy your springtime weekends, and relax with a good book before the weather starts to get unbearably hot! I’m betting these same authors will have some unbearably hot reads for us by then… but for now, let’s just relish in the pleasantly warm sunshine and enjoy some fantastic romance.

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