Valentine’s Day is about relishing in the sights, smells, and sensations of romance. Whether you’re planning an amorous evening with a partner or getting between the covers with your latest book boyfriend, these 6 items will help you set the mood for a tantalizing evening.

61G5vUxuMUL._SL1451_Massage Oil Candle

Step 1 in any romantic evening is always to light some candles. Their soft light and soothing scents set the mood with ease. But this candle has a sexy surprise: when melted, it becomes wonderful, jasmine scented massage oil. Want to get sensual? Either alone or with a partner, this candle can take you there.

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51gh6AVS1rLTantric Massage For Beginners

Step 2: Put the massage oil from the candle to good use with the tips and tricks in this Tantric Massage book. There can be so much more to a massage than just the release of stressed muscles, and Tantric Massage is a wonderful way to deliver new sensations that are sexy and fun.

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91aezicJ9cL._SX522_HanZa Bath Bombs

Step 3: If you’re looking to make your evening wet, hunkering down in an atmospheric bath is the way to go. These bath bombs are lushious with their peaceful colors and relaxing scents. Good news: everything in these little balls of relaxation is both organic and great for your skin. You’re sure to emerge feeling pampered and refreshed.

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81axM+3zd9L._SY679_Oregon Wine “Naughty Kitten / Foxy Vixen” Bundle

Step 4: Wine is the drink of love. If you’re sipping solo, or imbibing with a friend, there is something about a glass of wine that adds a level of decadent sophistication to an evening. We couldn’t put ourselves on either side of the red or white battle, so we went with both. Another benefit of wine? It pairs well with our next favorite consumable…

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71beI9OYVzL._SX522_ChocZero™ 50% Dark Chocolate

Step 5: Chocolate. Rich, indulgent, sweet, one might argue it shares all of the characteristics of a perfect lover. Dark chocolate has been said to be healthy, so indulge to your heart’s content and treat yourself with something your taste buds will treasure.

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Step 6: You have the scents. You have the sensations. You have the tastes. Now you need the sounds. So what should you put on for this night of enjoyment?

How about a classic: Marvin Gaye’s Midnight Love. It’s an easy go to, and for good reason. The sultry lyrics, his sweet voice, and that rhythm guitar blend together in a funky formula perfect for setting the mood.

Maybe you’re interested in something more modern to set the mood. If that’s the case, John Mayer has the voice of a siren, so put on his album Continuum and get ready to sink into his dulcet tones.

Step 7: Well… we don’t need to tell you what comes next 😉


Chloe is a Professional Book Nerd. She loves big words, big books, big dogs, and big adventures.

Set the Mood This Valentine's Day with our new Massage Oil Candle

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